The Basics Edit

Anima are the little girls who walk around with you wherever you go. They work as support characters, and can support you by buffing you and your party, debuffing your enemies, attacking your enemies or healing you. The way your Anima behaves depends on what you tell her to do, and the "relationship" you make with her through doing things like giving her gifts, protecting her, and so on. Aside from supporting you when fighting, Anima can also do the following:

  • pick herbs and other plants that have grown in the battle fields, which you can use for crafting and cooking.
  • calm the souls of the monsters you defeat and collect them. These souls can also be used for crafting.
  • craft when in your atrium.
  • cook when in your atrium.
  • tame monsters you are fighting with to end the fight and collect elemental seeds which are used for crafting.

Each of these skills will increase in level every time you have your anima do them. How to do them, and what they will help you with are explained in detail if you follow the links.

How to get her Edit

Anima's are received through a level 10 quest which is a little bit different for each race, but more or less follows the same procedure so please follow the links to find the specific quests for your race.

How to teach her how to do stuff like cook!Edit

How to affect her personality and why you want to.


The 9 basic personality traits your Anima can have

As you can see, while there are 4 basic personality traits, the different combination of them will give your anima one of 9 different personality traits, each of which have 3 sub-categories, which will determine how she acts in battle and what her skills are. A number of things will effect which traits become stronger, or weaker. Please look below for more details on how to effect her personality. Please go to the Anima Skills organized by personality traits page to see what each personality trait will give you

Basic Personality Settings First of all, there are 4 basic behavior settings you can pick through the anima menu. The table below explains what they mean, and what they do.

Please note that if she is extremely polarized towards one behavior set, she will take a while to change to the new one.

Also, ACTIVE style anima will attack monsters before you do. Please be careful.

Random Feelings As your Anima remembers the different emotions (through quests) you will noticed that a pop-up will come up occasionally asking if she should allow her self to feel _______ emotion or not. Here is how those emotions, and whether she accepts or represses them, effects her personality.

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