Where to learn and level up your skills Edit

In order to increase the base level of a skill, or to learn it for the first time, you must talk to an NPC who is one of the masters of the art your race practices. Bellow is a table of the different NPCs for each class, and their locations.

Class Location Japanese Name English Name POS
Mage Aurora 師匠ミグエル
Solutus 教授タバサ
Gunner Aurora 技術顧問エテル
Warrior Fera Centrum
Hunter Natura Asylum
Swordsmen Intralux
Bard Luna Deor

Note: I'm not sure why you would ever want to but, you can select the level of the skill when you add it to your shortcuts if you like... so, for example you could have a level 1 version and a level 3 version, if you really wanted to. The recast is still shared, but the damage and MP cost would be different.

Customizing your skills Edit

As you level, you will gain skill points which can be used to strengthen specific aspects of specific skills. You are given 5 points at the start of the game. After level 6 you will gain 2 skill points per level, for a total of 95 points at the current level cap.1 When you level up or learn a new skill, the points are not used, but if you choose to improve a skills base qualities, they will be used up. The japanese wiki has posted a suggested skill point allotment table, which has been translated, but of course you are free to use your points however you like!

In game you can access your skill list by pressing the "K" key. Here you will see a menu which lists each skill and gives a description of each skill and an option to go into it's properties. By going into it's properties (詳細情報) you will be able to increase your training, skill and knowledge of the skill.In general, training will increase the potency of the skill, skill will decrease the casting or recast time and knowledge will decrease the amount of MP required to cast the skill/spell. For spesific details on how points will effect each skill, please click on the class names above and reference that page.

Once you spend a skill point you cannot get it back without using a cash item, which is exactly what it sounds like... something you pay for with real money.