Pero is what you call the mounts in Prius. You can get them by taming a specific bestia, in-game freebies and cash shop.

Peros have stats too: SpeedHP and Cast Speed.

  • Speed - affects the movement speed of the pero. You can raise it by feeding your pero with Legendary Dish. It raises their speed at the maximum of 2 points.
  • HP - affects the health of your pero as it can get attacked if it went through aggroing bestias. You can raise it by feeding your pero with HP restoring food like meats. Not the raw meats though.
  • Cast Speed -  affects the casting time to summon your pero. You can raise it by feeding your pero with MP restoring food like drinks.

Peros obtained by Taming needs a Grindstone with their name on it which can be purchased from Anima Merchants found in the metropolis (Solutus, Foederis and Himes).

Other peros that you got from gift boxes usually have a time limit on how long there are available but their stats are maximized.

Peros from cash shop also have maximized stats and some are permanent.

List of Peros

Food effects on Peros