Vicious Manor Edit

Basic Information Edit

Entry Level 25
Recommended Level 25+
Location Aurora (Ruined Vicious Manor)
Mission Quest NPC Battalion Officer Valter (Aurora: 1907 825)

Map Edit


Monster List Edit

Level Name Remarks
24 Small Ancient Book of the Mansion
25 Shadow Maid Long-ranged attack
Haunted House Pale Dokaebi Long-ranged attack
Pillow Leaf Monster Aggressive
Ragged House Nymph Long-ranged attack
26 Crystal Chandeliers Aggressive
Haunted House Purple Dokaebi Aggressive

Long-ranged attack

27 Guest of Masquerade Long-ranged attack
Shadow Servant
Possessed Cupboard Aggressive
Shadow Actress Aggressive

Long-ranged attack

Shadow Actor Aggressive
25 Nigrata Mount
26 Evil Spirit of Library Boss

Long-ranged attack

27 Burning Chandelier Boss
28 Ethan Vicious Last Boss